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How to increase profit of your online store by 200% in just a year? (Maria's story)

How to increase profit by 200% in just a year
How to increase profit by 200% in just a year

Today I'd like to share a story of someone who was able to increase the sales of her online business just by adding translations of other languages.

When Maria first started her online clothing store back in 2017, her website was only offering products in English. But soon she realized that she was gaining more access from people outside of the country where she lives. Though she didn't know why it was the case, she was also getting some orders from overseas, too. She was determined to expand her customer base, so with a help of a friend from college who speaks both English and Spanish fluently because she was originally from Mexico, she decided to add Spanish translation to her website. And only a week later, she received a order from a customer from Argentina, which she had never thought of selling her products to because she don't know anyone from there and didn't think it was even possible. But this experience made her want to add more translation for her website. Maria decided to get her website translated into 4 more languages: French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

It was a big investment for her to do all languages at once, she thought so it had to be done one language at a time but adding German translation, she saw a significant increase in traffic from German customers, and orders started to come in, which made her decide to add rest of the languages right away.

Soon after, Maria's website began ranking higher in search results for those languages, but the benefits of translation didn't stop there. As more customers were able to understand and purchase products on her website, Maria's sales skyrocketed. In the first year after adding translation to her website, the sales profit increased by 200%!

Maria's success story is a testament to the power of translation. By making her website available in multiple languages, she was able to tap into new markets and reach a global audience. The result was amazing and she's happy that she made the choice back then, even though she thought it could be a waste of time and money at once point. She's happy that she listened to her inner voice too.

What did you think of her story?

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