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A man who got sued for using machine translation for his business

Machine translation has come a long way in recent years, but it's still not a substitute for professional human translation. One business owner found this out the hard way when they were sued for using machine translation in their business.

John was the owner of a small e-commerce company that sold products internationally. In an effort to save time and money, he decided to use machine translation to translate the product descriptions on his website into multiple languages.

However, John soon discovered that using machine translation came with serious consequences. Some of the translated product descriptions contained errors and mistranslations that led to customer complaints and returns.

Worst of all, one of John's international customers filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that the inaccurate translations had caused them to purchase the wrong product. The customer won the lawsuit, and John was forced to pay a large settlement and legal fees.

John learned the hard way that employing machine translation for commercial purposes is dangerous and can result in expensive errors. What he could have done is have a person proofread the text that had been machine translated. Post-editing is a service where any mistakes or mistranslations would have been found and corrected by the editor, preventing such issues from ever occurring.

While I don't intend to dissuade anyone from utilizing machine translation, I do want to warn you to exercise caution, especially when using it for your business.

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