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Interpretation Service


Interpretation Service

We provide interpretation services of Japanese to English, French, Spanish, Chinese,

Korean, Portuguese and more.

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Level: S

Half day (Up to 3 hours): 57000 yen

Full day (Up to 8 hours): 152000 yen

Additional one hour: 19000 yen per hour

Level: A

Half day (Up to 3 hours): 36000 yen

Full day (Up to 8 hours): 96000 yen

Additional one hour: 12000 yen per hour


Level: B

Half day (Up to 3 hours): 24000 yen

Full day (Up to 8 hours): 64000 yen

Additional one hour: 8000 yen per hour

Level: C

Half day (Up to 3 hours): 18000yen

Full day (Up to 8 hours): 48000yen

Additional one hour: 6000 yen per hour

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*The full-day fee is charged for eight hours of an interpreter's time which includes seven work hours plus a one-hour break.

*Above are prices for Japanese - English interpretation.  For other language pairs, please inquire.

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote based on your requirements. (Volume discounts and New customer discount may be available to eligible customers).

*Regarding the number of Interpreters for a project: We will recommend the best number of interpreters depending on the project details.

For instance, as for simultaneous interpretation, at least 2 interpreters are required to take turn every 20 minutes.

E.g. For 3 hours event. We recommend 2 Interpreters and 3-4 interpreters are recommended for duration of over 3 hours.

For consecutive interpretation, less than 3 hours can be covered with 1 interpreter, whereas; for any projects over 3 hours, at least 2 interpreters are required (except for escort interpreting.)



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Cancellation Policy:

Any modification, including changes of assignment date and time requested after our company has contacted the client with the confirmation of interpreting services are subject to the following cancellation fees.


Notice given 4 – 6 full working days before the session: 30% of quoted price.

Notice given 2 – 3 full working days before the session: 50% of quoted price.

Notice given on the same day within 24 hours before the session: 100% of quoted price plus any applicable travel costs.


Above days are calculated excluding weekends and holidays in Japan.

We ask all our first-time clients to make advanced payment.

We request that payment be made by bank transfer to our bank account or by credit card within 30 days after invoice date.

For more information about our services or have questions, please feel free to Inquire us anytime. We'll be more than happy to help you!

For Text/Video Translation Service, please visit here. (You will be directed to one of our service website, Suzuki Translations )

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