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募集ジャンルと言語: English > Japanese work-form-home freelance video translator needed (for TV production)

We're growing our freelancer translation team (English to Japanese), to keep pace with the rapid growth in customer orders.
Compensation: 600-1,000 JPY per minute of footage(*According to our record, the average time required for 5-7 minute footage translation is an hour.) 
募集人数: 3 
応募資格: You must be a native Japanese with excellent English listening skill or a nearly native English speaker with excellent Japanese writing skill to apply for the job. 
You must have at least two years of professional experience in translating. High speed Internet connection (e.g. Hikari Kaisen) is required at the location of your work (your home!). You also need to be familiar with working with VLC media player as it has more useful functions, and own earphones (a headset).
Experience in video translation is a plus. 
Please note that you will be asked to take a trial video translation for us to gauge your abilities for the job.
応募方法: Please send us your CV and a letter of motivation by email: recruitment[at]



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